8 juil. 2010

A collection of one

Vidéo de Suki, pour tous les adoptés coréens.
This is for all the Korean Adoptees out there.
In June of 2010 we attempted to stamp a unique number on a tag, one for every child adopted out of Korea. Over the course of three weeks we were only able to stamp 90,000 tags and hang 60,000 of them. Despite being unable to complete our task before deadline, the results were profound and moving.
This is an admonishment to Korea for choosing adoption as the way to fore-go social services, but for me, it is more for all the Korean Adoptee Diaspora living in isolation or misunderstanding the world over.
You are not alone in this tragedy.
Song and artist: 칠갑산 Na Hoon A 나훈아

Photos by: Jeanne Modderman, Jes Eriksen, Paik Yeonah, Lee Miwha

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