7 mars 2008

Sans but lucratif???

L'agence d'adoption Holt International Children's Service (HICS), située aux États-Unis, est reconnue pour les adoptions internationales.
Comme c'est l'agence HICS qui a organisé mon adoption ma vente, je me demandais combien d'argent cette agence pouvait faire en trouvant des familles pour des orphelins vendant des soi-disant orphelins des pays du tiers-monde à des couples infertiles des pays de l'Ouest.
Une amie KAD m'a trouvé le lien suivant qui mène au rapport annuel de 2006 de HICS.

Payés pour vendre des enfants!

Ce qui suit provient de http://poundpuplegacy.org/node/14774
Not for Profit?
Thu, 2008-02-21 17:46 — Niels
In my never ending quest for information about the adoption industry, I started plowing through the IRS 990 forms of the various adoption related organizations using the guidestar.org website. I was already aware that the non-profit status of the organizations doesn't imply a non-profit attitude of the people working within those organizations.
The complete list of non-profit organizations was far too long for me to go through, so I took the 50 organizations I knew best and created a list of the people earning more than $100,000, excluding benefits and expenses, that can be as much as $125,465 in the case of Buckner International's president.The list is sorted in descending order of income. Some organizations are mentioned more than once, because they have more than one official making over $100,000.
This list is far from representative, because of the preselection I made, though I hope it is indicative of the personal income being made by these officials of non-profit organizations.

The Children's Aid Society2005CEO$387,683
Frank Foundation Child Assistance International INC2005President$357,787
The Children's Aid Society2005Executive Director$305,508
Gladney Center2006President$248,312
Buckner International2006VP-COO$243,443
Adoptions from the Heart2006Executive Director$239,581
Buckner International2006President$233,256
Buckner International2006VP-CFO$196,795
Gladney Center2006Exec. VP$169,751
Chinese Children Charities2006Executive Director$169,162
Buckner International2006VP-General Counsel$161,820
Chinese Adoption with Love INC2006President$161,178
Chinese Children Charities2006President$158,625
Spence-Chapin2006Executive Director$156,023
The Children's Aid Society2005CFO$150,416
National Council for Adoption2006President$150,104
Adoptions from the Heart2006Director$146,214
Bethany Christian Services2005CEO$143,564
Gladney Fund2006President$138,750
Buckner International2006VP-Information Services$133,905
Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services INC2006VP$134,679
Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute2006Executive Director$132,653
Holt International Children's Services 2005President$132,000
Adoption Associates Inc2006Executive VP$127,904
Frank Foundation Child Assisance International INC2005VP$126,691
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute2006Executive Director$125,427
Cradle Foundation2006President$125,099
Pearl S. Buck International, Inc2006President$125,000
Bethany Christian Services2005COO$122,709
Illien Adoptions International2005Executive Director$121,800
Bethany Christian Services2005VP$121,602
Holt International Children's Services 2005VP$120,990
North American Council on Adoptable Children2006Executive Director$120,608
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center INC2006Executive Director$119,500
Buckner International2006VP-Facilities Management$118,132
Gladney Center2006Exec VP and General Councel$116,971
Great Wall of China2006President$115,139
Holt International Children's Services 2005VP$113,543
Sunny Ridge2006President$107,004
Gladney Center2006VP$106,322
Foreign Adoption Associates LTD2006President$105,875
Beacon House Adoption Services INC2005Director$105,335
Bethany Christian Services2005VP$102,348
Adoptions from the Heart2006Director$101,014
Alliance for Children INC2005Program Director$100,385
Wide Horizons for Children, Inc2006Executive Director$100,241

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