21 avr. 2009

Une femme se présente à la cour pour récupérer ses petits-enfants

Mumbai: Kisabai Lokhande, une femme analphabète de 66 ans de Satara, a déposé une demande à la Cour supérieur de Bombay pour récupérer ses deux petites-filles de 14 ans et 9 ans, qui seraient maintenant avec leurs parents adoptifs en Espagne.

La demande déposée déclare que l'adoption internationale est une affaire lucrative et que les agences internationales financent des voyages gratuits à l'étranger offerts aux agences d'adoption privées travaillant de connivence avec les autorités gouvernementales. Le shopping de bébés implique un grand business avec des transactions allant jusqu'à 5 lakh Rs, allègue la demande, et les documents sont facilement falsifiés pour de l'argent.

Lokhande avait entamé la recherche de ses petits-enfants l'année dernière, même si elles avaient été adoptées en 2005. (Voir blog Children snatched & stolen, racket is called adoption, section "kidnappés à Satara)

Comme dernier recours, elle a demandé formellement que la Cour Supérieure enregistre les plaintes contre Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Central Adoption Resource Centre (CARA), l'ONG espagnole Niños-Sin-Fronteras, et Preet Mandir, une agence d'adoption basée à Pune, pour diverses infractions, dont enlèvement d'enfants, fraude, utilisation de faux documents et déclaration illégale d'un enfant de moins de 12 ans comme étant abandonnée.

Plus de détails dans les articles suivants, parus le 11 avril 2009:

'Lost' grandkids in Spain, vendor moves court paru dans DNA

Mumbai: Kisabai Lokhande, an illiterate vegetable vendor from Karad, wants her two granddaughters, who went "missing" from a children's remand home in Satara, to come back home.

Lokhande, 66, has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court seeking the court's intervention to get back her 14-year-old and nine-year-old granddaughters, who now reportedly stay with their adoptive parents in Spain. Lokhande has sought a probe against the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), the Central Adoption Resource Centre (CARA), a Spanish NGO and Preet Mandir, a Pune-based private adoption agency, for illegally declaring the two girls as "destitute" and executing the inter-country adoption without their guardian's consent.

The petition hints at an international adoption racket wherein various agencies connive to have children declared as destitute and adoption agencies receive monetary considerations in the guise of donations for processing international adoptions.

The two girls were placed in a remand home after their mother disappeared and father died in 2004. The CWC then placed the girls, aged five and 10 then, at a Satara home for rehabilitation and Lokhande visited them four times.

In September 2004, the adoption agency issued a notice in a newspaper inviting objections before declaring the girls as abandoned and destitute. The children were admitted by the Satara CWC to Preet Mandir.

In December 2004, the CWC declared them destitute and, by September 2005 they had a new home in Spain. "In spite of Lokhande's residential address being available with the CWC, it declared the girls as destitute," her lawyer Pradeep Havnur stated.
Lokhande learnt about the adoption only in 2007.

"The law is broken with impunity since the money in trade of children is that a single child carries price tag of Rs5 lakh to Rs25 lakh," the petition said.

Woman moves HC to get back grandkids (Times of India)

MUMBAI: Kisabai Lokhande, a 66-year-old illiterate woman from a Satara slum has filed a habeas corpus petition in the Bombay high court to get
back her two granddaughters who were given in an inter-country adoption and sent to Spain.

The issue which highlights the need for greater check in processing eligibility for adoptions, is that the agency had claimed that the two minor girls were abandoned and no consent was required from family members.

Lokhande had initiated a search for her grandchildren last year although they had been adopted in 2005. She moved court as the last resort, wanting the HC to direct the DGP and the local cops to register complaints for various offences including kidnapping, cheating, using forged documents and illegally declaring a child under 12 as being abandoned-an offence attracting up to seven years in jail.

She had complained to the police this January but to no avail, her lawyer Pradeep Havnur said. He added, "She is aggrieved at the police apathy in not registering an FIR against the accused, including Preet Mandir, an adoption agency
in Pune. The agency allegedly colluded with the Satara Child Welfare Committee to declare the girls as destitute."

The petition said inter-country adoption is a lucrative business and private adoption agencies working in collusion with government authorities are offered free foreign travel sponsored by international adoption agencies.

Lokhande said with the help of a local NGO, she learnt that her granddaughters had been identified by a Spanish Adoption Agency Ninos-Sin-Fronteras (Children without Frontiers), who worked in tandem with agencies in Satara, Centre Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) and Preet Mandir.

Baby-shopping means big business with transactions going up to Rs 5 lakh, the petition alleged, and reports are easily doctored for a price.

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