17 déc. 2009

Arrestation de l'avocate Susana Luarca

Susana Luarca, connue aussi sous le nom de María de la Asunción Loarca Saracho, une avocate qui a aidé pour nombreuses adoptions internationales au Guatemala, a été arrêtée hier au Guatemala et inculpé de trafic, des anomalies d'adoption, et de falsification des documents dans le cadre des adoptions dont elle était en charge pour les familles étrangères.

Détails dans Capturan a abogada sindicada de ser cabecilla de red de adopciones anómalas (La Hora, 16 décembre 2009).

Voir aussi la documentation réunie sur le site PPL.

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COURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents

from: La Hora

Captured lawyer accused of being ringleader of anomalous adoption network

By: Gerson Ortiz

Mary de la Asuncion Loarca Saracho [Susana Luarca], Lawyer of Mexican origin, was captured this morning at her residence in zone 10, the Ministry
Publicly accused of masterminding a network of abnormal adoptions.

Survivors Foundation, who accompanied several investigations abnormal processes related to adoption, were observed satisfied with the arrest of the lawyer, who also singled out as responsible for several cases.

The seizure was ordered by Marta Serra Stalling, Judge Octave Criminal Trial, who authorized the prosecution of Loarca by three offenses.


Colop Alexander, head of the prosecution against trafficking of Public Ministry (MP) explained that the recently apprehended is directly linked to at least three cases of anomalous adoptions of the hundreds of reported in the country.

"During the study undertaken by the MP has been determined that this person is the one that leads, somehow, the Association Primavera which is an organization dedicated to the processing of children to give them up for adoption, but most of which were irregular, "said the prosecutor Colop.

The prosecution claims to have detected three cases in which they can show "palpably" irregularities in which incurred the Spring Association.


The prosecution established the modus operandi of today apprehended because MP alleges, the attorney handle the processes of infants in the Court of Children and Adolescents in Escuintla, chaired by Mario Peralta, against whom it was requested a preliminary hearing by abnormalities in their resolutions.

After the failures of that judge, the and children were reported in abandonment in order to undergo a second process of adoption, without But in three of these cases, the prosecution found that they were the same adoptive parents who appeared in both the first and the second and obtained the adoption process.

"During the first process of adoption irregularities were detected, but the Primavera Association intervened and solved this problem by through a process of abandonment irregular and executing a second process making that the end was with the same adoptive parents, "he noted Colop.

The legal practitioner was prosecuted in the Eighth Court of First Criminal Trial on charges of trafficking in persons, associations illicit use of forged documents.