16 déc. 2009

Silence sur le cas des enfants indiens volés

Les autorités indiennes ont négligé de lancer une enquête sur la façon dont deux enfants volés ont été adoptés en Australie, en dépit document de l'année dernière prouvant que les frère et sœur ont été victimes de traite.

Silence on case of stolen Indian children
Australian couple Julia and Barry Rollings adopted two toddlers, aged 1 and 3, in India in 1998 after being assured they had been relinquished by parents who lived on the streets of Chennai and were allegedly too sick to care for them.

However, in 2006, the couple discovered the children had been taken by their father while they slept on the pavement with their mother in the slums of Chennai.
The pair, a brother and sister, were then sold for $50 and ended up in an orphanage that allowed them to be adopted by the Rollings family in Canberra.

Two years ago, the Rollings took the children, Sabila and Akil, back to India to visit their biological mother who agreed they should remain in Australia.

Late last year the Rollings went back to India to gather evidence of how the children were sold and found official documents proving the signatures of the parents had been forged. They took statements from the biological mother Sonama and other witnesses.

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